Monday, October 24, 2011

The farm

Moo Moo, Kitty Girl, and Annie live on our farm. We don't really have an actual farm, but sometimes with these three fury, demanding, loving animals, it sure feels like we do! Moo Moo stays outside all the time, she loves rolling in dirt, laying in the sun, and hunting for her next meal. Kitty Girl, she thinks she runs the show. She is an inside/outside cat. If it were up to her, she would be inside all of the time. She stays outside during the day, and the second the sun goes down, she is at our front door meowing as loud as she can, until we let her in. Our last child, is Annie. Annie is a seven year old cockapoo, who in this last year has gone blind. She is still as happy as can be. She still loves to play with her toys, and go on walks, she does great with her cloudy eyes.  Words can't even describe Annie's personality. I feel like she is part human at times. I love her to death :)

Nick and Annie 

Me and Annie

Kitty Girl on Halloween 

Moo Moo on Halloween

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