Friday, February 17, 2012

Wash your face!!

Over the years of being an esthetician, I have come across so many clients who don't wash their face at night. You must wash your face at night!!! Especially if you wear makeup that day. Not washing your face will age you in no time. Leaving makeup on your skin overnight will eventually stretch and deepen your pore size. Nobody wants orange peel skin! The dirt, sweat and pollution on your skin will stick to your pillow case, and create a perfect home for bacteria. Talk about breakouts! Your mascara will dry out your lashes, make them brittle, and break off. Who wants short lashes? Not me! And most of all, the cell turnover is 8 times faster at night, so applying your night cream is going to give your skin everything it needs to renew and refresh those fine lines and wrinkles. Wash your face!! 
One more thing, if you have dry skin, there is no point in washing your face with cleanser in the morning. What are you washing off? Simply just splash with water, and apply products accordingly. Now, if you have very oily skin, and wake up oily, then yes, wash your face in the morning. 
Thats all for today! :)

Don't let your skin look become an orange peel (big pores)

Waking up with mascara in your eyes is the worst. Let alone short lashes. 

Wash your face 

Save your lashes 

Your skin will stay healthy with one simple wash. 

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