Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A new rack

I love scarfs. I love them in every shape, size, texture and color. I hate to admit it but, I haven't given my scarfs the best life in the past.  Most of them were living in the bottom of my closet. Some getting stepped on if sticking out too much, others tucked away in a corner collecting dust and wrinkles as if they were aging,  and the rest of them not getting any attention from me due to other clothes overshadowing them. So, as of yesterday I have put my foot down, this is all coming to an end...
 My scarfs  have a new rack, a new home and a new place to shine. Not only is my new rack cute, it was very reasonable and you would never guess where I bought it... Big Lots! Yes, I am a bargain shopper so I shop at Big Lots here and there. My last visit I discovered the Jessica McClintock section. Who knew Big Lots sold Jessica McClintock? I didn't!  I wanted to buy everything, her line has so many cute things. I want to go back asap!
Although the online store doesn't show off her best items,  take a look here. You never know what you might find.
 Happy bargain hunting!

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