Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We're engaged!

As I casually asked Alex to dinner one evening, little did she know that this would be one of the biggest days in both our lives! As we drove through Wine Country in the beautiful Alexander Valley I tried my very hardest to remain calm and cool as I knew this was the big day and I wanted everything to be perfect. Approaching Forestville and our destination for dinner Alex looked so beautiful and unaware of all my planning that was about to take place. We checked in for dinner only to find our reservations were wrong and we were an hour early. As I acted upset, this was apart of my plan, Alex was relaxed and simply excited to be out and together. I suggested we go for a drive and we hopped in the car for a short trip. As we drove to our destination Alex was taken by beautiful backgrounds, nice summer weather, and rolling vineyards. We approached the rustic gates to Russian Hill Winery weaving our way up a long and narrow driveway. This winery sits atop a hill overlooking wine country. Worried about getting in trouble Alex noticed the winery was closed but what she didn't know is that Russian Hill Winery left the gates open just for us! Totally secluded with a sunrise upon us, the scene was set for the big moment. As we sat down and began to chat I waited for my opportunity to pop the big question........Alex said YES!!! As Alex gathered herself I snuck around the corner to grab my bottle of J Vineyards finest champagne. Sipping on bubbles, celebrating a surreal and magical moment, looking over wine country, and grinning from ear to ear we knew that this moment was the beginning of the rest of our lives together!

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