Monday, February 6, 2012

A birthday to remember

What a weekend I had! Nick went above and beyond...
After our picnic in the park, we went to his basketball game. During half time some of his players held up a huge sign across the gym that read "Happy 30th Mrs. Galvan" and at the same time Nick handed me a bouquet of roses. It was a very special moment. We went to pizza with my family and his after the game. A very fulfilled day!
The next day, we woke up, went to the gym, then ate at our favorite breakfast place. That afternoon, Nick surprised me with taking me to the mall for a little shopping spree. He told me he was taking me out to dinner to a restaurant we have both been dying to go to. After we got ready for the night, we arrive at the restaurant, the hostess walks us to our table where I find 3 of my best girlfriends. What a surprise! I was the happiest girl on the planet! After dinner we wanted to show our friends our house, 2 of them had never seen it. We get home and SURPRISE!!! My house is filled with my closest friends and family. I was not expecting this at all. We had a wonderful time to say the least :)
Finally the next next morning (my last bday surprise) Nick took me and a couple of friends to Lake Tahoe. I have been wanting to go, and he made that wish come true. We were on the road for more birthday fun. Words really cannot explain how loved everyone made me feel this weekend. Nick did an amazing job planning everything on his own. I love the memories that were made this weekend, I will cherish them for the rest of my life <3

Nicks basketball game with my mom

My beautiful flowers

Surprise Bday dinner 

Happy Birthday desert 

My Grandma :)

Suzie, my surprise out of town guest. Love her! 

Funfetti cupcakes, my favorite! 

homemade cupcakes 

Lake Tahoe 

Tahoe bound!  

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