Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CornerStone Sonoma

A good friend of mine told me about a place where you can wine taste, enjoy art, grab lunch and walk around the grounds. Nick and I went and checked it out this last weekend. The wine was great, the grounds were fascinating, and it's a perfect place for adults and kids. My friend and her 10 year old daughter met us there, we all enjoyed watching her daughter play and run off some energy. Nick and I only made it to one of the tasting rooms, so we are looking forward to going back to enjoy more art and taste the wine we didn't get to try.

running through the windmills 

Yarn balls

One of my favorites. They twinkled in the sun, so pretty! 

Tired panda 


  1. The little panda is a cool guy!
    Followed. Maybe you'll stop by me someday too.


  2. It is! And it's right down the street from the G&K's house!

  3. I've driven past this place so many times and never knew what it was! I'll have to check this place out next time we're in Sonoma.

    1. Yes, you should! It's a neat little place to go and hang out for a couple hours.