Friday, March 23, 2012

Window of love

One of my favorite views is from a window in our laundry room. Looking out of this window reminds me everyday how lucky I am. I love where we live, I love that it feels like I live on a mini farm and I love the pictures hanging from one side to the other. To me, it's picture perfect. 
Our mini farm is only missing a few things, farm animals! I would love to live on a farm with a lot of animals, even though I would need all the help I could get, because I wouldn't have a clue what to do except give them a perfect home.  I'm lucky enough to have the occasional  deer grazing on the grass around our house. I love when they come to eat.   I have tried to feed them carrots, I can get pretty close to them,  but they don't eat them. Maybe I'm confusing deer for reindeer?! Then of course we have raccoons and all of the neighborhood cats who visit daily.  The cats have me figured out, they know I'm an animal lover and if they are ever in the mood for a mid-afternoon snack, they are guaranteed to find food here. I leave cat food out for my two cats, but our large bag of food seems to go a lot faster since we have moved here. I'm glad I can feed the neighborhood. The more animals the better! 

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