Sunday, March 4, 2012

Envolve wine party

On Saturday Nick, my mom and I went to the Envolve wine club party to support our wine making friends, Danny Fay, Mike Benziger and Ben Flajnik. One of the winemakers is Nick's roommate from college, so for Nick it was a college reunion having seen a lot of old friends, and for my mom and I it was enjoying great wine (we love their pinot) delicious food, and making new friends. The event was held at a beautiful barn in Sonoma. The view of rolling vineyards was breathtaking. The sun set captured the vineyards and the barn at it's finest.
We had a great time and look forward to the next Envolve wine party.

Cal Poly roommates  
My mom, Capmbell, and Ben (The bachelor) 

Evolve Cabernet 

Tomato plant 

Mug shot "pretend like we are in jail" 

Rolling vineyards 

Enjoying sunshine 

Table centerpieces 

My one and only!

Join their wine club and attend the parties with us!
Check out their wine  club  here

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  1. you're friends with ben!? looks like an awesome time! I miss wine country=(