Friday, March 2, 2012

Dinner with Martha Stewart

Okay, maybe not really Martha Stewart, but close! 
My sister in law, Gwen is so talented. She can make just about anything from crafts, jewelry, food, even delicious presentable deserts. My brother and his wife had my family over  for dinner this evening. They had a spinach salad, salmon, wild rice with mushrooms, and homemade bread (of course it was homemade). After dinner we indulged in desert. YUM! Two different tarts to choose from (of course I had to try both) one was a whip cream/mascarpone filling, and the other had a custard filling. And again it was homemade, even down to the crust.
Gwen makes all of us ladies look bad. She is so talented I can hardly stand it. My brother is one lucky guy! 

Salmon marinated (overnight)  in brown sugar and tamari sauce 

Custard fruit tart


  1. Oh my, that fruit tart looks absolutely DELICIOUS! It has to be one of my favorite desserts and you got to eat two! You lucky lady! I'm glad you were spoiled with delicious food for a night :]

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  2. Yum! It looks like you had a great dinner. :)

    One of my best friends made a fruit tart like that and it was delicious!

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