Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mascara 101

Ladies (or gents)!
I need your opinions, advice, and suggestions. I have yet to find the perfect mascara, and I'm determined to do so.
I have tried  expensive and inexpensive brands, I just can't seem to find 'the one.'
My last mascara mistake was buying a 24 hour  mascara. Who wants their mascara on for 24 hours? I don't... I didn't realize what I had bought until I got home. Of course I still tested it out, and sure enough I was wearing mascara for 24 hours (at least it does what it says). The next day not only did I still have mascara on my lashes, I also had it in my eyes, and (black flakes) on my face. I tried to wash it off that night and the next morning, but it was on there for good. A good 24 hours!
Since using it my lashes look shorter and feel really brittle...
This my friends is why I need your mascara input. I hope someday soon my lashes will meet their perfect matchscara.


  1. Have you tried Bare Minerals? I got a small one for Christmas and I really like it.

    1. I have never tried Bare Minerals mascara. Thank you for the suggestion, I will most definitely give it a try!!